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Looks like: domestic-short-hair

Age: 7 months

Color: White

Sex: Male

About Me: I’m really sweet and I love to be cuddled and pet! I really like treats too! I usually like to follow my humans around the house, just because I’m so curious and happy to be around them! I can’t wait to find my forever home so I can play with my new family all day!

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Looks like: Domestic Short Hair

Age: 2 Years

Color: Black and Grey Tabby

Sex: Female

About Me:

Hi! I was found on the streets severely injured – part of my back leg had been ripped off. They weren’t sure if it happened because of a dog or something else. But Dr. Carly and her team rushed me in for emergency surgery and saved my life. Now I’m all out of rehab and finally ready to be adopted into a loving home. I’m very loving and just want cuddles and pets. I may not be a complete cat but I am the total package when it comes to loving you.

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Flame Point



Looks Like: Domestic Short Hair
Age: 1 Year
Color: Cream
Sex: Male
About Me: Hi I’m Churro! I was brought into the veterinary hospital really sick and needed emergency care to survive…

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Adopt Jupiter
Black & Grey


This orphaned kitten recently came to our Lifesaving Kitten Nursery and has been in a loving foster home. He is a loving kitty around other cats and humans and very playful.

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